Posted 30th September 2014

The final day of the MATURE project! We have completed all our work and the results are available from this site. The team has enjoyed working together and with many others – teachers, trainers, intermediaries, evaluators – at national and international level. We are proud of what we have achieved and we’ve done our best to make sure that as many other people as possible across Europe and beyond can access and use what we have created. Thank you to everyone who has helped us complete this momentous journey.

Posted 22nd September 2014

The MATURE team held its final meeting in Hamburg from 18th to 21st September, 2014. As part of the meeting German partners hosted the MATURE conference for which 62 participants enrolled from 10 countries. The MATURE team was delighted to welcome so many with the contacts and networks to spread the word about MATURE products across Europe and beyond. Partners were particularly pleased that many of the external evaluator panel for MATURE were able to come along and tell us more about the experience of evaluating these new training programmes and our advice booklet. It’s been a tough two years of work but this meeting was our opportunity to celebrate the fact that we had achieved everything we set out to do and….more!

Posted 31st July 2014

Two new YouTube clips (Open Age and Hammerson House) about learning in later life in the UK. Posted by NIACE as part of an update to their work on Learning in Care settings.

Posted 28th July 2014

Have you booked your place at the MATURE conference yet? It’s FREE, in Hamburg and called ‘Realising the benefits of later-life learning’ An exciting programme of workshops and keynote speeches brings an international group of experts together to debate later-life learning matters. Go NOW to the Conference details page where you will find more information about the conference and how to join in. Hurry, please, places are fast filling up!

Posted 30th June 2014

After a period of extensive evaluation of MATURE’s self-study and face-to-face training programmes and its advice booklet the project team has taken time to make significant changes to its products on the advice of in excess of 100 evaluators. The team is very grateful to all the people who have voluntarily offered words of wisdom, made corrections, suggested additions and amendments. Evaluation of MATURE products has taken place in all the countries of the project partners and beyond. Now partners have entered into a phase of intense translation so that all these final versions will be accessible for free from this website in September 2014. For the moment we will keep the draft versions of the self-study programme on the website for you to browse. It’s not too late to send us your thoughts and questions using the ‘leave a reply’ box.

Posted 5th March 2014

MATURE partners have returned home after a hectic meeting in Bern, Switzerland from 24th -26th February 2014. The meeting enabled the MATURE team to discuss the content and style of its training programmes prior to their final drafting and to prepare for the MATURE conference in Hamburg in September 2014. Partners were able to engage with colleagues from a range of Swiss institutions to debate ways of reaching out to potential older learners and enlisting the help of intermediary agencies in doing so. Findings from this work will be published in the MATURE advice booklet in September 2014.

Posted 31st January 2014

The third MATURE e-bulletin has been published in all partner languages.

Posted 8th January 2014

The European Commission published the first version of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide on the 1st January 2014.

Posted 26th November 2013

EACEA has launched a new version of its Financial Toolkit ( The Toolkit provides information  to assist project partners in understanding funding rules and regulations and in gathering appropriate evidence of money spent.

Posted 9th October 2013

The MATURE website is different. This is the third version of the MATURE site since the beginning of the project. Changes become necessary as the project unfolds and more products become available. This version includes draft self-study training units in English, French and German that will be piloted by selected trainees in a number of countries in the MATURE partnership. In addition, the MATURE team would like visitors to the site to trial units if they wish and to send their feedback via the ‘Leave a reply’ boxes on the relevant pages. ‘MATURE and you’ pages have been created as part of MATURE’s exploitation plan. The project team would like to establish working links with as many people as possible in order to spread the word about training and other project products.

Posted 19th September 2013

Information about Erasmus+, the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport, can be found at The retention of the Grundtvig strand is welcome but it remains to be seen how later life learning can be supported and promoted within the new programme. Click Erasmus + for a diagram showing how the elements of Erasmus+ will work.

Posted 17th September 2013

The second MATURE e-bulletin – in all partner languages – has now been posted. Catch up on project progress and don’t forget to ‘Have your say’ if you have information or ideas to share with the team.

Posted 19th July 2013

The second transnational meeting of the MATURE project took place in Torun in Poland from the 5th to 7th July 2013. Partners from 8 countries gathered in this historic and beautiful city to work together to ensure that MATURE progresses seamlessly to its next phase. During the meeting the MATURE team was invited to give an input about the project to the prestigious IwE conference. A lively session ensured that partners had the opportunity to discuss the principal concerns of MATURE with teachers from across Poland and beyond. Now partners have dispersed to get on with the devel0pment of the MATURE training programme. When the team next meets in Switzerland in 2014 the programme will have been written, tested and evaluated and partners will be preparing for its publication and launch at a MATURE Europe-wide conference in Hamburg in September 2014.

Posted 14th June 2013

The MATURE research report is published online today. This report has been produced by the partnership as supporting documentation for the development of its training programme. The report gathers information from a number of different sources about key themes that will be pursued in the training programme.

Posted 16th April 2013

The first MATURE e-bulletin has been published in all partner languages. E-bulletins are produced by the MATURE team to keep  interested parties informed about project progress. The bulletins are circulated to the MATURE partners’ national contacts lists and can be accessed by clicking here.

Posted 12th March 2013
The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has just published a survey about community (or informal) learning in the UK. The document provides valuable information about barriers to learning, motivations and the impact of participation.

Posted 22nd February 2013
The first transnational meeting of the MATURE team was held at the University of Leicester between 5th and 7th February 2013. This first meeting had a packed agenda and gave partners the opportunity to meet up with old friends and colleagues and welcome new members to the group. Partners debated the findings of the first draft of the MATURE research report (available from this site in June 2013) and began the complex task of building the framework for the MATURE training programme. Partners agreed a positive start had been made by the whole team and although the busy schedule left little time for relaxation, spirits were high throughout.

Posted 22nd February 2013
The second transnational meeting of the project will take place in Toruń, Poland from the 5th to 8th July, 2013. This meeting coincides with the 10th World Conference on Computers in Education and team members are planning to attend the conference to introduce MATURE to participants through workshops and networking.