MATURE Advice Booklet


Learning and teaching do not happen in a vacuum. A number of protagonists are involved in getting people into learning and in determining what kind of learning might be most relevant. All of these ‘intermediaries‘ have a critical role in ensuring that learning is successful.

MATURE project team members have engaged local, regional and national intermediary agencies in their work. At public meetings, through networking and by making new links the team has spoken with: older adults; social workers; health workers; journalists; government officials; workers in employment centres, in residents’ associations, trade unions, schools, or housing associations; members of voluntary or community organisations, faith groups, cultural organisations, theatre groups, women´s or parents’ groups; advice or help line and charity workers; and those simply interested in older people.

These encounters have helped the MATURE team to develop an advice booklet for people and organisations outside adult education. It is called ‘Later-life Learning for All’.

Click on the relevant link below to access ‘Later-life Learning for All’. The annex to the booklet is only available in English. It contains data that has been summarised in the main text.

british  Later-life Learning for All (English)

french  Apprentissage sur le tard pour tous (French)

german  austrian  Lebensbegleitendes Lernen für alle (German)

greek Μάθηση στις μεγαλύτερες ηλικίες για όλους (Greek)

Polish Broszura doradcza “Uczenie się w późniejszym życiu jest dla wszystkich (Polish)

portuguese  Aprendizagem na Velhice para Todos (Portuguese)

slovenia Učenje v pozni življenjski dobi za vse (Slovene)



british Later-life Learning for All. Annex 1 (English only). Supplementary information.