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On this page you will find information about conferences and events that have been part of the MATURE project or are on themes that link closely with key areas of MATURE’S work. We provide website links for conferences and events run by other organisations but cannot furnish further information about them.

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Posted July 2014

The ForAge Network is holding an international conference in Oporto, Portugal on the 7th-8th November 2014.

‘New Directions and New Learning in Later Life’

Active and healthy ageing are strong themes and campaigns across Europe.  Yet they do not always see access to education as a key element of such work.  Where later life learning opportunities have been developed they have often been led by adult educators using the classroom as the base to which the prospective older learner is encouraged to attend.

This event will draw attention to, examine the interfaces with education and later life learning and encourage discussion around the following issues:

  • Current developments in active and healthy ageing cities and other communities
  • Healthy ageing in pan European policies – WHO, UNESCO, UNECE, EC
  • Recent research evidence of the benefits and outputs of later life learning initiatives
  • Examples of relevant pan European educational activities.
  • The voices, opinions and testimonies of older learners
  • The future of adult learning funding across Europe
  • The work and achievements of the ForAge network including its Vision for the Future
  • An overview of relevant work, achievements and policy in Portugal
  • Highlighting the potential and actual roles of the various sectors and disciplines which could impact on educational opportunities in later life.
  • Key issues emerging from ForAge’s research, enquiries, database monitoring and surveys.
  • Future opportunities for networking, research and development.

The New Directions conference is over two days with each day pursuing a different theme and way of working. Day One will focus on European and Portuguese policy, research and practice dimensions. Day Two will use the needs, achievements and testimonies of older learners themselves to better contextualise the issues raised, the ways forward and in particular ForAge’s Vision for the Future. The format of the event will include a mix of plenary panels and keynote speeches and in-depth discussions within parallel workshops to address concrete facets of the learning dimension of active ageing policy.

Further details about the conference can be found on its dedicated website:

Posted March 2014

The third transnational meeting of the MATURE partnership took place in Bern from 24th – 26th February 2014. MATURE has the benefit of having in its team a partner, Switzerland, from outside the EU. The public part of this meeting provided the opportunity for partners to debate key MATURE issues with an invited audience of Swiss experts giving their perspectives on participation in later-life learning and Swiss solutions to the engagement and motivations of seniors.

Posted 22nd July 2013

The second transnational meeting of the MATURE partnership took place from the 5th – 7th July, 2013 in Torun, Poland. Partners were invited to present the MATURE project at a session of the IwE conference taking place in Torun at the same time. This gave the MATURE team the opportunity not only to disseminate the project but also to consult with a multi-national audience on the place of collaboration in the delivery of later life learning. Conference presentations can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

What is MATURE? Jim Soulsby (UK MATURE team)    british

IwE conference MATURE in PL  Anna Grabowska (PL MATURE team) polish

Posted 22nd February 2013
‘Why does learning matter for older adults?’
The first transnational meeting of the MATURE partnership took place from 5th – 7th February, 2013 in Leicester, UK. The meeting included a public seminar attended by 65 people on the theme of ‘Why does learning matter for older adults?’ giving participants from education, intermediary and linked organisations and other European projects the opportunity to debate the purpose and nature of collaborative activity in the development and delivery of learning.
The MATURE team was particularly pleased to welcome to the seminar Jim Soulsby, facilitator of the ForAge network and Diarmuid Moore from WEA Northern Ireland, facilitator of the GATE EU learning partnership. The conference presentations can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

GATE project presentation

Learning and the ageing society

Learning in the Fourth Age presentation

Learning in the Fourth Age, NIACE, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, UK, the Learning Revolution video – learning in care settings.


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  1. The last day (July 05, 2013) of the WCCE 2013 will overlap with the national conference “Informatics in Education” (“Informatyka w Edukacji”).
    It would be possible to make an arrangements to allow some participants of the WCCE 2013 to also attend the national conference, in order to deliver a lecture, present a tutorial or run a workshop to Polish teachers.
    The national conference on informatics education in Poland has a long history. Under the name “Informatics in Schools” it started in 1985 and was discontinued after 20 years in 2004.
    Organisors do hope that WCCE 2013 will be a good opportunity to sustain the tradition of national meetings on informatics education in Poland.
    For more information please visit the following links:
    10th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education WCCE 2013:
    Informatyka w Edukacji 2013:

  2. Anna Grabowska says:

    I also invite you to
    I will present MATURE there.
    There will be a dedicated session prepared by IFIP group titled “Management for sustainable education”, MATURE will be present there. Please visit the

  3. Anna Grabowska says:

    The Anna Lindh Foundation Poland (ALF), together with partners from Tunisia and Egypt, is holding a two-day forum, Together for a Just Future: Learning from Each Other through Social Dialogue on Diversity, Equality and Democracy, on 1-2 March 2013 in Gdansk, Poland.
    At this Forum the workshop dedicated to Intergnerational Learning will be delivered by PRO-MED, the member of ALF.
    You can find more details at
    During the Forum we will promote the idea of MATURE project sharing flyers and URLs: and

  4. Pauline Swanton says:

    Participants at the first MATURE public event in Leicester, UK, in February 2013, were interested to learn about teaching and learning that takes place in care settings. Led by an organisation called Learning in the Fourth Age, the work engages volunteer teachers to work one to one with care home residents. The link below shows what has been achieved.

  5. Anna Grabowska says:

    MATURE will be present at
    The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum is a unique gathering that brings together youth leaders and civil society organisations, in addition to influential policy-makers and intercultural experts from across the Euro-Mediterranean region. Convoked every three years by the Anna Lindh Foundation, our goal is to provide an innovative and participative space for debate, networking and good practice exchange on intercultural dialogue initiatives. We welcome unique perspectives, and the participation of people from diverse origins, cultures and beliefs who can turn new ideas into action following the Forum. The second edition of the Anna Lindh Forum takes place from 4th to 7th April in the French city of Marseille, European capital of culture for 2013.

  6. Dijana Lukić says:

    Join the International mix@ges Encounter to be held in Ljubljana on 16th of May 2013 which will bring together experts in adult education, artists, arts and media educators, staff of arts organisations, cultural and social workers, researchers and young and older learners from all over Europe. The encounter will celebrate the closing of the European project mix@ges – Intergenerational Bonding via Creative New Media” and showcase the creative results of this outstanding European learning experience. The event will feature inspiring international speakers and be an occasion for reflection, social exchange, sharing of best practice and handson experiences. This International Encounter with Generations is aimed at all those keen to learn how to promote and foster intergenerational dialogue using the arts and the media. You will meet people of all generations from different parts of Europe and get inspiration for your own intergenerational arts projects!
    For more information please visit

  7. Pauline Swanton says:



    23, 24, 25 OCTOBER 2013, VILNIUS, LITHUANIA


  8. Anna Grabowska says:

    2013 Demography Forum: Investing in Europe’s demographic future

    The fourth Demography Forum will take place on 6-7 May in Brussels and focus on investing for Europe’s demographic future.

    The debate will bring together researchers, policy-makers and social partners at a high level.

    The forum will feature 4 workshops on the following topics:

    1. Investing in the potential of young adults
    2. Improving work-life balance
    3. Enable people to be active longer
    4. Successful inclusion of second-generation migrants

  9. Pauline Swanton says:

    Budapest, Hungary
    30th September to 1st October 2013

    Learning from experience:
    The future of learning for seniors in Europe.

    A European conference led by the EU FORAGE Network (THE network for sharing information, expertise and comment about later life learning across Europe)and TREBAG Ltd., Hungary.

    The conference will be held held on United Nations Day of Older People. The programme includes:
    • Experiences of other European networks as information sources and influencers.
    • A perspective from an international adult education organisation.
    • The supporting evidence of the benefits of later life learning
    • The national context from Hungary – policy and practice
    • Other Eastern European experiences
    • Relevant input from other EU networks, projects and programmes.
    • Discussions on improving the quality of education and training.
    • Workshops on emerging issues.
    • The older learner perspective.

  10. Pauline Swanton says:

    ENIL Third European conference

    Intergenerational Learning Cities
    The European Network for Intergenerational Learning 3rd Conference
    16-18 October 2013 Cuenca Spain

    ENIL’s third thematic conference presents the benefits of intergenerational learning to different aspects of life in a city: from social cohesion to employment.

  11. Pauline Swanton says:

    International training programme on ageing 17-19 September 2013, Dublin – call for applications

    The Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI) working in collaboration with The Institute of Aging of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) – Trinity College Dublin will deliver an international training programme on ageing from 17-19 September 2013 in Dublin. It will focus on building capacity amongst emerging leaders in ageing research. This programme will offer participants an opportunity to enhance their understanding of ageing from interdisciplinary and international perspectives; and to network with other emerging researchers as well as international mentors in ageing. The programme will have a specific focus on longitudinal studies, sources of data on ageing and communicating research results effectively. It will involve lectures, workshops, posters and oral presentations as well as small group discussions.
    For more information on the programme and how to apply or email Closing date for applications 27 June.

  12. The final conference of the RIVER project (Recognition of Intergenerational Volunteering, Experiences and Results) will take place in Vienna on 12th November 2013.

  13. Anna Grabowska says:

    The presentation “Making Adult Education Useful, Relevant and Engaging” based on EU former and ongoing projects will be delivered at the workshop “Global ageing: Rising Challenges and Quests for Opportunities”.
    For more details please visit

  14. The presentation prepared for the workshop is available at

  15. Anna says:

    Today on 21st November 2013 at the Conference in Poznan the presentation titled “Open Educational Resources for Older People” will be delivered.
    The Presentation in Polish is located at

  16. The presentation delivered at the 10th Conference “The development of e-learning in higher education of economics” on 21st November 2013 in Poznań, Poland and is online at the coference webpage

  17. Yesterday it was the Conference at Gdansk University of Technology titled “e-Technologies in Engineering Education”. My presentation was about using different Learning Mnagament Systems and evaluation’s systems. As a good practice MATURE project pilot course delivered at GUT was presented and information about the conference in Hamburg was shared with participants.

  18. The Third ForAge international conference will take place in Porto, Portugal on 7th and 8th November 2014.

    New Direction and New Learning in Later Life
    Taking the Learning to the Learner; Active and Healthy Ageing; Learning Communities

    Active and healthy ageing are strong themes and campaigns across Europe. They do not always – but should- include access for older people to education and learning as a key element. We need to consider the potential of later life learning opportunities, based in the community as well as in classroom, for the well-being and empowerment of older people as well as the enrichment of society.

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