Partner Information


University of Leicester, Institute of Lifelong Learning, UK

The University of Leicester is one of the UK’s leading teaching and research universities. Its Institute of Lifelong Learning enrols some 3,500 people on courses annually and over 4,500 attend other events. The Institute of Lifelong Learning’s research focuses on the ageing society, lifelong learning and the benefits for older people, through the work of the Leicester Learning and Ageing Group.

The UK team coordinates the MATURE project. Team members will: contribute to the creation of training content, in particular during the research phase, and to the booklet for intermediaries; play a significant role in dissemination and exploitation activities through its national and international networks; provide English language support to the partnership and host the first transnational meeting in February 2013.


Bia-net Netzwerk Bildung im Alter, Austria

Bia-net is a not-for-profit association which aims to champion learning for seniors; to enable the exchange of experience and knowledge among those who work in later life learning and to promote collaboration and partnership at regional, national and European levels. Bia-net organises an annual summer academy for seniors in Graz; offers workshops and seminars for those working with seniors and engages in national and European project work.

The Austrian team will: lead MATURE’s work in exploitation; provide chairmanship for transnational meetings; contribute to the development of project products; advise on good practice in project management and development.


Hamburger Volkshochschule, Germany

The Hamburger Volkshochschule is the largest Adult Education Centre in Hamburg offering more than 7000 courses annually. It is a publicly funded organisation responsible for providing affordable education to the citizens of Hamburg. The organisation’s mission is” Education for all” and its aims are to promote citizenship and improve social inclusion through education.More than a third of course participants are 55 years of age or above and some centres cater specifically for the learning needs of older people.

The German team will: contribute to the development of MATURE training programmes and the advice booklet; pilot units of training with German audiences; organise and host the final project conference; produce project materials and products in German.


50+ Hellas, Greece

50+ Hellas has approximately 1000 members and represents people aged 50 and above defending their interests and rights at national and EU levels. The organisation provides information, conducts research and advocates with the aim of promoting active ageing.   Specific objectives include advocacy for equal treatment and non discrimination, wider social participation, life-long education and opportunities to learn new technologies (IT).  Key activities include training and adult education.

The Greek team will: contribute to the development and testing of MATURE training units and to the advice booklet; provide Greek versions of project products.


PRO-MED, Poland

 The work of PRO-MED sp z o.o. focuses on the development of innovative e-learning and blended learning approaches for seniors. The organisation draws on its extensive engagement in European project work to identify key themes for the training of staff involved in later life learning; for the promotion lifelong learning activities and for the delivery of seminars and workshops for older adults and for their learning facilitators.

The Polish team will: be responsible for MATURE’s dissemination activity; contribute to the development and piloting of training; manage the MATURE website; host a transnational meeting and produce Polish versions of  project products.


Aidlearn, Portugal

 Aidlearn is an SME operating at national and European level. It works to create and support the concept of ‘learning organisations’ improving the performance of businesses through interventions that target organisational development and learning needs. Aidlearn conducts research and project work in the fields of entrepreneurship, training trainers, ICT, health and safety, social services; environment, multiculturalism and active citizenship.

The Portuguese team will: lead on all aspects of evaluation for MATURE acting as internal evaluator and commissioning external evaluation of products as required. The team will be responsible for the production of Portuguese versions of MATURE’s products.


ZDUS, Slovenia

 ZDUS is an NGO, the umbrella organisation of 503 local associations of pensioners in Slovenia with 233,000 members. The organisation’s aims are to prolong the active, productive and creative lives of older adults and to recognise and promote their potential contribution to society. Work includes: health promotion; sport, travel, cultural and social activities in local communities; advocacy at national and local levels; support for intergenerational collaboration and understanding.

The Slovenian team will: contribute to the development and testing of MATURE training units and to the advice booklet; provide Slovenian versions of project products.


Verband der Schweizerischen Volkshochschulen (Swiss Adult Education Association), Switzerland

Verband der Schweizerischen Volkshochschulen (Swiss Adult Education Association) is a non-profit Association that delivers more than 11,000 courses attended by 160,000 people each year. The aims of the Association are to promote adult education and integration into a lifelong learning system; to develop and expand national universities, regional and cantonal organisations; to foster co-operation between their members and co-operation with other institutions abroad.

The Swiss team will: host a transnational meeting; contribute to research, to the development of training and to the advice booklet; pilot face to face and online training units; be responsible for French versions of project products.