Development of training

MATURE’s core activity was the development of a unitised training programme for learning facilitators in adult groups. Training focuses on strategies to overcome barriers caused by disadvantage; on ways to engage with and motivate older adults to become active in learning communities and groups.

The training programme can be used in a number of ways:

  • to create a full training programme for learning facilitators;
  • to create shorter training courses by selecting single units or combining units;
  • to tackle or highlight issues of particular interest or concern;
  • to provide guided self study options;
  • to enhance professional performance through self study.


MATURE took a phased approach to the development of training comprising:

  • Research to provide underpinning and contextual material.
  • Teamwork to produce draft units of training for face-to-face and self-study use.
  • Pilot phase to trial training in groups and self-study with learning facilitators from partner countries.
  • Expert evaluation and advice to ensure that training content is fit for purpose and in line with current quality criteria.
  • Publication online of all training units in partner languages.


The final MATURE training programme is freely accessible from this website.