Face-to-face training



MATURE’s face to face training programme is composed of 10 units of continuing professional development training. Content addresses different aspects of later-life learning, participation, and disadvantage. Units are designed to be free-standing but they may be used by trainers to develop courses in a number of different ways:


  • Singly to focus on a particular topic or issue.
  • In combination to provide information and opportunities for more in-depth study.
  • Altogether as a course that develops considerable understanding of teaching and learning strategies that target the needs of older, disadvantaged adults.


The units are for teachers of adults in a paid or voluntary capacity, in formal and non-formal settings where learning is a prime or subsidiary aim of the group. Training will be of relevance to those obliged or electing to deliver subject-focussed teaching (e.g. IT; languages) as well as those with the flexibility to create bespoke courses for specific target groups.