Face to face training units

The MATURE team has developed its face-to-face training programme through a process of review of and debate about existing work in the field of later-life learning.  The search for material and ideas has encompassed recent European Lifelong Learning Programme projects, European statistics, information and data and national initiatives. Members of the MATURE team have worked together previously on issues of ageing and later-life learning.

The MATURE team’s purpose in undertaking this work was to demonstrate how products from a wide variety of sources could be made more ‘usable’ for practitioners. MATURE training seeks to bring to the attention of learning facilitators the vast wealth of material that is freely available to them from other people’s endeavours across Europe. In doing so we hope that more will understand how outputs from project work translate into classroom action.

You can access the MATURE face-to-face training programme by clicking on the relevant link below.

british English face-to-face training programme

french French face-to-face training programme

german  austrian  German face-to-face training programme 

greek  Greek face-to-face training programme

french Polish face-to-face training programme

portuguese Portuguese face-to-face training programme

slovenia Slovene face-to-face training programme


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