MATURE and you


The MATURE team wants you to be a part of the project. On these pages you will find information about what is going on:

And on the pages below are opportunities for you to become more involved. So…

  • On the Links page are other organisations, projects and work that are relevant to the MATURE project. If you’d like to link with MATURE or have new links to suggest get in touch with the team using the reply box on the ‘Have Your Say’ page.
  • You are invited to ‘Have your say’ too about MATURE’s work and products. Contact the team if you have any national (or international) information to share or questions to ask.
  • If you’re running a conference or event (or know of someone else who might be) relevant to MATURE’s themes, you’re welcome to post information about it on the ‘Conferences and events page’ using the reply box.


We’d like your feedback on MATURE’s self-study and face-to-face training programmes and advice booklet. Let us know what you think by using the ‘Leave a reply’ boxes.