Voices of the project

Voices from project partners:voices
“A good team and a good partnership is the main basis for a good project.”

“We have a lot to learn from each other if we are prepared to do it. We know lots about existing older learners but still find it difficult to understand the needs (and rights) of ‘non’ learners.  MATURE is needed and we need still to pursue this agenda.”

Voices from evaluators:
“These units (self-study) meet the needs any teacher has to deal with in the seniors’ learning process.”

“They (face-to-face units) are an excellent compendium, with practical ideas based on solid theoretical background.”

“Read and reflect on this rich resource! It is a worthwhile addition the area of enhancing adult learning, and on being inclusive!”

“This advice booklet as a concept is an excellent one, for intermediaries and others!”

Voices from learning facilitators (participants in MATURE´s pilot testing phase):
“An opportunity to work through an innovative programme (face-to-face training) about facilitating positive learning for older people, especially those who are hard to reach. A worthwhile challenge that will enhance your own competencies and enjoyment with older people.”

“If you were to complete all of this (self-study units) you would have an excellent understanding of the issues relating to encouraging older people into learning.”

“The curriculum is well defined, very understandable, fairly easy to implement with a clear structure.”

Voices from MATURE conference participants:
“MATURE makes a contribution to shaping lifelong learning the way we want it shaped.”

“Everyone involved believes in this project with a passion and enthusiasm that makes things happen.”

3 Responses to 'Voices of the project'

  1. Coleen Ramsey says:

    It all sounds fascinating and very worthwhile! Europe working together at its best.

  2. Rosa Saez says:

    Really happy to have found your self-study training.

    • John Benyon says:

      Hello Rosa. We are delighted you have found our training materials and we hope you find them useful. Do let us know – and also tell your friends and colleagues! Good wishes for 2015 – John.

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