Working with intermediaries


In the context of the MATURE project, intermediaries are: individuals, organisations or agencies who work with and on behalf of older adults in a paid or voluntary capacity.

MATURE’s partners believe that making contact with older adults through trusted third parties minimises barriers to engagement. We also know that the experience of those working with older people on agendas other than education is invaluable in the creation of really relevant learning that impacts beneficially on people’s lives.

Part of the project’s work is to produce a booklet for intermediaries about learning, its potential for enhancing well-being in later life and places and agencies that make it happen.

Intermediaries from partner countries have been invited to play an active role in all MATURE’s transnational meetings. We have contacted new intermediaries by making virtual links and distributing regular e-bulletins using our national and international networks. Our aim has been to let as many as possible know about MATURE’s work.