Working with teachers




MATURE ‘s principal target group is teachers.
MATURE teachers are people who lead learning in groups. They may be:


  • professional teachers of adults;
  • professional teachers from other educational sectors;
  • volunteer teachers;
  • individuals with a particular skill to share;
  • professionals and volunteers in services that do not have education as their main activity (health organisations, for example);
  • facilitators of clubs and other informal meeting groups.

MATURE partners come from a variety of backgrounds through which they have extensive contact with representatives of all categories of ‘teachers’.

Some of these contacts have been actively involved with project work through participation in pilot training and MATURE events. We  have been in regular contact with others nationally and internationally through our e-bulletins and through links we have with organisations, projects and networks engaged in work with older people. Our aim has been to let as many teachers as possible know about MATURE’s work.